Tuesday, December 18, 2012

snow globe

I decorated another family's Christmas tree
while said family members were putting out garbage,
cleaning the fridge, doing dishes, brushing teeth for bed etc
I rooted through boxes of ornaments
representing a collection of years
kids, frenzy, fury, gut laughter, loss, gain.
So like a voyeur
I inspected these small personal reserves:
painted play dough star, "Christmas 2001",
little green and red train,
styrofoam dove,
red snowflake made out of popsicle sticks and yarn,
felt Christmas cowboy boot,
tiny wooden record player,
glass icicle,
fancy rocking horse with missing leg.
The typical nostalgia came
funny the way the mind rewinds,
and suddenly I'm eight stringing popcorn and cranberries
on a string,
playing trivial pursuit listening to Oscar Peterson,
drinking gingerale punch stealing handfuls of ritz crackers,
wondering what the adults are laughing so hard at,
sneaking a sip of sherry
wearing my over sized Oilers jersey
to my knees no.99
over 2 sweaters nan knit me
skating circles on circles,
on circles
on the backyard rink
till I couldn't feel my face -
not caring one
Someone said to me yesterday
to my eyes
dead on:
"I hate Christmas".
 I saw the soreness
that takes over,
and in my own way
i get it...
 You can't run around your whole life
with your mittens all encrusted with ice.

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