Thursday, August 16, 2012


"Life without risk is Disneyland"
 -Douglas Coupland

True risk. 
It requires immense courage to live ones most authentic life. 
We all choose, in big and small ways, between what makes us comfortable and what brings us alive. 
And I think the vast majority of folks choose the former. 
And I think its so easy to label those that choose risk as "reckless", "naive" or "crazy". I guess that's how its been throughout all of history. 
The dreamers always get fucked in the end.

Well - this here bitch can no longer live in fear of what anyone else says or thinks. 
I can't live as a slave to some elusive 'security' that only makes my essential self smaller and smaller.  
For me - living with true risk is actually a step out of illusion into reality.
Reality - in all its beauty and precariousness.
It's the harder way, the more vulnerable way, the way that can break you into little pieces.
It ain't no Disneyland.

But it's the only way.

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