Saturday, March 08, 2014


These words will mark the beginning,
and the end,
and the end and the beginning,
around and around,
circling deeper and deeper,
until the core is reached -
The true recollection
of who I am:

One unobstructed by desire,
or defeat.
One who's future rushes towards her,
and who's past is at her heels,
but this one does not yield,
because she is held still,
within the deepest silent centre -
the core.
This is the hard seed
of Right Now.

And Right Now
I hold steady in my mind
the vast, ever expanding, always regenerating
of my own impenetrable soul.
All of this infinite majesty and love,
contained within the smallest hard seed,
buried in the deep fertile compost
of my very self.

Nothing can stop this slow germination.
Nothing could have stopped
this death
and this growth.
Nothing can change the joyful bursting forth
of the inevitable new life,
which is in its strange silent formation,
Right Now.

Who can ever understand
the blooming galaxies
contained in such fragility?

But this is Nature,
in all of its utterly incomprehensible evolution.
Its holiness,
It's mysterious science.


And so,
Right Now,
These words will mark my end,
and my beginning.

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