Thursday, October 04, 2012

End O the road.

End of the world as we know it.

Although this is not my photo it is exactly what I was looking at last night....
But it was brighter, and red and pink and purple and so intense that, in certain moments, it literally took my breath away. I sat with my box of ´´Don Simon´´ (extremely cheap wine..too cheap, in fact) and friends and took it in. For the second time, I might add. I´ve become a Spain sunset addict. As I walked back down to the city from the lighthouse where I watched the sunset, I had the distinct sense of walking back into the rest of my life. Crrrrrazy.

I am now back in the big city (Santiago) after having spent some days in Finisterra and Muxia. They are two beautiful ocean villages and I won´t even try to explain the beauty of these places right now. All I will say is: you must go - whomever you may be. I spent some time at the beach, walked in sand, sat on giant rocks, ate chiporones (like Calamari but better), listened to massive ocean roar and felt its spray, collected shells, ate pulpo (octopus...dear God what will I do without this now!), saw two guys walk down the beach with absolutely nothing on but their packs, listened to a wonderful french woman sing Edith Piaf to me!! Awesome. Anyway, I thought about my trip. I thought about my life. I wrote. I watched Spanish fishermen in their dory's and thought about Newfoundland.

It is a strange thing to be at the end of, what for me, was quite an epic journey. I have a lot of mixed feelings about leaving Spain right now. Part of me wants to escape to the Southern part of the country and drink jugs of Sangria in Andalusia for about 6 months, then head to Morocco, then to Africa etc etc.


The ´´wanderlust´´ has taken firm hold it seems. 

So in a day I will come home, sing at the wedding of a kindred the next day, I´m sure share some stories of my trip with folks, get a haircut. Beyond that the world feels so very wide open to me. I guess this is a good thing. It´s just a little bit ´´twilight zone´´.

Anyway, I will post more ´´highlights´´ of my Camino when I have some time to process. It´s all way too immediate right now! So stay tuned for pics and stories.

Adios for now - coming ´atcha straight from the beautiful city of Santiago. Awwww yeah.

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