Wednesday, November 09, 2011

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Monday, July 04, 2011

Tale of 2 cities....

So I'm not sure if I mentioned this earlier but I've been living in two cities - Guelph and Toronto. For the most part I've been living in Toronto (at least lately) even though my "home" technically speaking is in Guelph. This means that I exist in a very strange in between world which contains a lot of commuting and feeling somewhat displaced no matter where I am. There are a lot of pros to this situation - namely that I get to do work that I love, I get to live both rural and urban, I get to spend time with friends in the city and maintain connections here. The downsides are the ones I've been thinking more about lately....

The major down-side: being apart from "The Donald" (a.k.a - the fiancee) for extended periods of time. Being away from "Kitty" (a.k.a fatso katso) for extended periods of time also sucks. It so happens that the past couple of months I have been in Toronto for major pro-longed stretches and haven't been in Guelph much at all. I think in the past month I have probably spent 4 or 5 days there scattered. This is starting to get me down. It's not so much being away from "Guelph" but being away from my own bed, my books, my cat, the back deck, my bike, my full wardrobe...that sort of thing.

I was talking to a friend about this today...the fact that I've been missing the normal day to day routine of living together and am looking forward to a time when I won't be constantly juggling my time between 2 places. It's gotten to the point where i feel like my "rolling travel bag" is like an appendage. It's rather pathetic. Maybe I should start wearing a fanny pack everywhere I go and become a 'perpetual tourist'.

So that's all on this topic.

Friday, June 24, 2011

She's getting....


I don't think many people, if any, read this thing anymore - but what the hay - I thought I'd give the report anyway. The unimaginable has happened....Julia is getting married. To this guy:

The Donald.

It's totally anti-climactic in many ways since we've been together for 5 years and some (?) and have been living together for 2 (or more?) in the booming metropolis of Guelph. I'm not good with dates....or time lines. In any case, the date is set and we'll be officially tying the knot next summer outside (weather permitting) on the Ignatius Centre property in Guelph on the same land where Don farms. It's a very beautiful place that holds a lot of meaning for both of us.

It feels weird to say that we are "engaged", although I guess that is what we are. I think i feel strange around it because it seems way too traditional or "old-school" in my mind for some reason. It also co notates a state of waiting for that 'big day where suddenly we begin a life together', which seems strange since we are already well along that path. I feel like the day we get married is another step on a journey we've already undertaken. A significant one - but not to be overshadowed by all the decisions, compromises - both large and small, celebrations, responsibilities etc, that we've already experienced and gone through together.

In some ways, the whole experience of deciding to do this has made me more aware of the ways that our culture has completely over-blown and romanticised marriage. Starting with the wedding. Yikes - it's a zoo! I never knew there was, like, one BILLION wedding blogs out there! One thing that makes me laugh is the "engagement photo". What the??!!?? Since when was this a thing??!! Super cheesy poses of couples kissing under a tree, and on a bridge, and next to a horse, and on a swing, feeding the ducks etc etc etc. BARF!!! Who cares!!!!

Sooooo very CHEESY. (Sorry for the all caps. Couldn't help it). And all the super hip wedding bloggers drive me just as crazy - if not more....I dunno - I guess it's all a little much.

Anyway, all the marketing weirdness has made me really have to stop and consider what it really means...for me...and for us. It can be hard to strip all the hoop-lah away and get to the crux of it. I know for me it's important that I make a public commitment to Don. And it's also about the important people witnessing it...I know I need those things. It's about more than this but in ways that are deep and hard for me to articulate at this point.

To be sure - there will be more venting about this topic in the year ahead. Oh joy.