Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The BallyHack is the name of a small boat owned by my grandparents at thier summer home in Newfoundland. I spent many very happy hours in this little boat. Some of the happiest in my memory.

A Dream:
Last night I dreamt that I was in the Ballyhack again - it was a new and improved version....very shiny. I was in it with my Father and Mother and we were going to take it for a spin. My Father was driving, and I crawled into a space at the front of the boat. The boat started to go and I felt more exhilarated that I've felt in years...pure euphoria. It was a very very bright and beautiful day. I moved to the back of the boat and watched the wake...and relished in each bump the boat took as it ricocheted against the waves. Suddenly, the boat began to lift right off of the water and started flying through the air! It was as if it suddenly became a great bird and took us on the most breathtaking tour of the coast - at times swooping and flying low just above the water, and at times flying almost into the clouds.
It was a beautiful dream.

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