Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Louisiana nights

Sitting in my backyard. It's 10:30 pm and it smells just like Baton Rouge. It's that thick moist smell. The air just hanging, dead calm...and it's like I can smell the leaves on the plants....I don't know....but it smells just like Louisiana did at night.
Makes me ache for the deep south. Makes me long for a really long road trip, or plane ride or train ride.

yup - I've got that travel bug....bigtime.

I think I'm just restless after spending a month relaxing in Guelph.

I'm also thinking of my friends....Kate just left on a major Europe adventure, complete with 3 young children, and they are all probably having a picnic in some France countryside right now.
April is in Costa Rica, where she has been for awhile now, but I think of her and wish I were there experiencing the wonder of that place with her - drinking coffee in her new house on the hill. I do miss it. Jacob just came back from months in Africa. Then there are some of my fellow bloggers - Lisa globe trotter extraordinaire - and Esther playing her Ukulele in Korea. I suppose, when I think about it, people I know are periodically scattered all over the globe. I wish sometimes I could scatter myself all over the globe, experience the bounty of beautiful moments that only travelling can bring, and then just come back when I need to. That would be sweeeet.

Then again, maybe it's just restlessness that needs to be patiently dealt with and worked out of me. Who the heck knows?

Anyway - this was a bit of a rambling post. Whatev.

Peace to all near and far.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010


So I know that in an era of twitters, smart phones and whatever else - blogging is slowly fading away into the technological past....but I will not surrender. No sir. Not me:

"I will still use a pen and pencil, I will still write in a journal that is just for my own eyes, I will still play cassette tapes, I will still use an embarrassing email address that I have had since I was 19 (Am I that old?), I will still use a human bank teller occasionally (OK - that one is a lie)....and yes, I will still blog!!!! Thank you, thank you very much."
[Insert crazy applause and moving orchestral arrangement here.]

So...do you ever feel like your life has lost it's narrative....or narrator...or any kind of of plot, sequence, structure, or...umm...point? I've been feeling like this the past few days. This is partly due to the end of 8 months of a nomadic lifestyle and somewhat feverish activity. Some people thrive on this, but all the activity, although much of it truly amazing, has left me feeling exhausted, scattered and without a cohesive "story-line". I am realizing more and more that I am someone who really needs time to process my experiences. Or else it all starts to feel like randomness. Too much randomness and I start to like a dismembered body...all my limbs floating around in search of each other. I struggle to root myself - and fight against it at the same time. I probably just have a bad case of ADHD. Heh heh.

Here's what I've been up to:
  • My internship with Jumblies Theatre in Toronto extended until the beginning of June. It was a truly inspiring experience working with so many incredible, talented artists....and so many diverse communities. I learned SO much. It deserves it's own blog posting.
  • Spent a week in Ottawa with the folks. Visited Ottawa peeps - great time.
  • Came back and spent 2 more weeks in Toronto touring a Community arts play with Arts4All: "It Happened in My Apartment". A musical play based on true stories of people living in a Toronto community Housing building. Complete with beautiful puppets! I was in heaven!
  • Came back to Guelph for 4 days and then took off for a week of camping in Bon Echo Park. Survived very close run ins with bears. Very exciting.
  • Returned to Toronto to complete a 2 week intensive course for my 'Early Childhood Music Education' Program at the RCM. This course was great, but in a word: 'Intense'.
So I am actually back in Guelph. Sometimes I have forgotten where I live in the midst of everything. The reality is setting in right now as I listen to the cicadas, observe the tomato plants growing and watch the birds chase each other. Life is about to slow down.

Anyway, that's my update. I'll probably have more time to blog over the next little while....I am hoping.