Monday, January 23, 2006

Nouwen on Community

this struck me hard today - so true to my experience "living" community here:

Community supported by Solitude
Solitude greeting solitude, thats what community is all about. Community is not the place where we are no longer alone, but the place where we respect, protect and reverently greet one anothers aloneness. When we allow our aloneness to lead us into solitude, out solitude will enable us to rejoice in the solitude of others. Our solitude roots us in our own hearts. Instead of making us yearn forcompany that will offer us immediate satisfaction. solitude makes us claim our center and empowers us to call others to claim theirs. Our various solitudes are like strong, straight pillars that hold up the roof of our communal house. Thus, solitude always strengthes community.


TF said...

I needed to read that. Very thoughtful.


tandywilliams6350 said...

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ginandtonicandasmoke said...

I love you Julia! and miss you!


hulia said...

I miss you tooooo.
bigtime. will call soon.