Tuesday, January 17, 2006

a big ham.

No - this is not a post about my ass. (heh heh heh har har)

It's Jenna's birthday (actually it was yesterday) and we are all celebrating together tonight around the table at Zac's. I am looking forward to it - as it's been kindof lonely around the house the past week - with a good chunk of the house being away right now. Anyway, Jenna's favorite thing to eat is Ham. I'm in charge of cooking it...with her supervision of course. So that is what I'm going out to buy this afternoon. A big Ham. I get to find a big meatshop to buy a big ham. Where does one find a big Ham? How does one cook a big ham? How did I ever find mysef in the position to buy and cook a big ham? These are the moments around here that make me laugh. It will be interesting, i'm sure.

I think I just really like saying "big ham" cause i think it's funny.
big ham big ham big ham big ham.


ginandtonicandasmoke said...

Its nottas good as sayin' Big Ass!

hulia said...

so true.
big ass big ass big ass.