Thursday, June 09, 2005

Hot as Hell

Presuming Hell is hot...maybe hell is really really cold instead...I actually have doubts as to whether it really exists except inside our minds (and sometimes our actions. Zoiks).

Back from France. what a hootenany. okay - thats not quite the word I would use to describe it...but good times nonetheless.. good good times

I feel as if I dug myself out from under four years worth of junk...and now I can get on with the business of living.

I realized I have not been enjoying life as much as the French seem that is something that must be remedied ASAP.

I came to see that being as shrewd as a snake but as light as a dove may be alot more fun than I ever anticipated.

the future is open
nothing is final
simplicity leads to solidarity
people are beautiful
unity inside of diversity points the way to freedom
everything is being made new
I can trust myself
where my deepest desire is, there God is
it's important to just 'be' - it's important to just 'do'
god can only give his love
beauty always hides a message...but I must make the choice to stop, look and listen to what it wants to say to me.

this is some of what I learned. hopefully. ;)

peace, -jc

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