Saturday, April 23, 2005

Belle Paris...

Long time no write...

Latest and most exiting news is that i am off to Paris (France) as of May the 13th and will be staying there for three weeks. I have really made no firm plans as of yet. The only thing I know is that I plan on spending at least a week in Taize, which is an eccumenical monestary of sorts, whre I have stayed before. Anyway, I am pretty exited about it...but also a little freaked out by it....I think it's just been awhile since I've had a real vacation and the whole idea of it right now seems a little wierd. So far I have had three people either suggest or tell me that they think I should bring along my guitar...which seems like a pretty good idea - so I'm throwing that around right now.

In other news...I met our new baby neighbor today (i think his name is Malcom) and that was nice. It is always nice meetign a new baby. Our neighbors names are JJ and Lisa. I'm not sure what Lisa's daughters name is. Anyway - it was a nice encounter. Also a little strange as last night I had a very vivid pregnant dream.

April and Shelley have been gone for almost a week which means I have been alone for the most part. It has been kindof nice but there have been a few things happen to me this week where it would have been nice to have them to talk to.One major thing is concernign a man who i was actually interested in - first time in awhile - finding out that he is dating someone else. It was blow...I was totally clueless... and just made me feel very sad and confused and a bit humiliated. I think it has surfaced a whole host of other issues I feel that I'm faceing in my life right now....feelings of not being able to relate very well to my exisitng social circle....feelign like there needs to be some major changes but feeling powerless at the same time. Just feelign very "other". same old same old I guess. ;)

Despite the lonliness factor in dealing with some shitty circumstances this week, I have to say that I had a lovely dinner with Jen Mcnaughton and we had a really good time...I also had brunch with Jeff and Cindy - introduced them to my favorite breakfast spot, 'Easy'. Rochelle also came down to visit me and we went to the Ani Difranco concert and had a great time. Concert was swell. I also spent some amazing beautiful sunny afternoons walking down Roncessvalles and enjoying the flowers, the weather. Andto top it off tonight I plan on wearing my flannels, breaking open some red wine and wrapping myself up in a big blanket to watch the boob tube. There is really nothing else I would rather do on the rainy night. All that to say that it really has been a great week all in all.

Anyway - I think that pretty much all there is to say for now.

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