Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Crazy dreams

This one was a wiiiiiiierd one.

The dream involved me, John Haggie (that really scary preacher), George Bush and Dick Cheney.
Apparently I was trying to convince Dick Cheney that Both George and John were basically working together and that they are very evil people...and then John started getting fatter and fatter right beofre my eyes..and all his clothes started ripping off becasue they became too small. And then I grabbed Dick Cheney to run out of John's Church, which is where we were..but we were kindof trapped and couldnt get out. It was very scary.

Hopefully it will be better times tonight.
sweet dreams.


bardegaa's homee said...

my sister goes to John hagees church..its right down the street from my parents house...dunno

hulia said...

I know - I thought about that when I woke up...I think the dream was a result of me seeing hinm on TV the night before...it was scary...you should tell her to find another church ;)