Sunday, March 06, 2005

Cadence was born!!!

This is a very very special evening. This entry is dedicated to a new addition to the human family...

A little girl has been born into the world. Her name is Cadence True Stone White. And I am a god mother for the first time. I am so happy. I got a message on my machine from Tim, her god father...who also sounds very happy.

When I got the call that Krissy was in Labor I decided to paint Cadence a represent her journey from the womb to the great wide open world. I do hope she likes it.

I am so thankful tonight....that this baby has been brought into the world. I have been expecting her...very impatiently. I remember so well the night I found out about her....we didnt know she was a girl at that time...but we kept calling her a she anyway. I have a feeling we will be friends

Krissy! You have a little girl!!!!

I really really wish I had been there. Anyway here is a poem dedicated to Cadence:

Tiny fingernails belong
to Cadence.
how we have waited for you,
littlest girl
to dance around with
to dress up in pink...and undies with ruffles.
Cadence - I see you in my minds eye
waiting and swimming around in the dark
with a sparkle in your eye.
knowing that soon
you would come out yelling your truth from your tiny lungs
for everyone to hear
and that you would be peace for people to hold.

thats all for tonight. Wonderful night.

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