Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Arcade Fire

This is a music blog.

Mike and Rochelle introduced me to what I think may be my new favorite band. They are from Montreal and they are called ARCADE FIRE. They burned me a copy of the CD (I will buy it - really i will) while I was in Ottawa and i listened to it one day while walking around in the market...i wasactually sitting in the middle of the big beautiful Notre DAme bassilica on the afternoon of Easter Sunday listening to the first song. And it was an intense and beautiful expereince.

Needless to say that it is rare that I hear something that inspireing. The kind of poignant- pain- that- is -almost- joy -but- also- choas -stream -of -conciousness kind of inspireing. Truly amazing.

My mom also bought for me Lucinda Williams - 'world without tears' as an Easter presnet. I found it at an adorable little bookstore in adorable little Almonte. I love that town. Her voice on this paricular album is scratchy and achingly raw. Just enough twang as well. Love it.

Another band that I will be listening closely too is a band called THE STARS. This particular album is called 'Set yourself on Fire'. The title alone is enough to make you fall in love. But they seem to also be a rare breed of pure beauty. Lovin it.

Maybe I should stop all the listenign and start creating. Ya. There's an idea. (?!)

Anyhoo, thats it for tonight.
"we - we will still need a song. to carry our love away. To carry it away." -h.workman

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