Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Arcade Fire

This is a music blog.

Mike and Rochelle introduced me to what I think may be my new favorite band. They are from Montreal and they are called ARCADE FIRE. They burned me a copy of the CD (I will buy it - really i will) while I was in Ottawa and i listened to it one day while walking around in the market...i wasactually sitting in the middle of the big beautiful Notre DAme bassilica on the afternoon of Easter Sunday listening to the first song. And it was an intense and beautiful expereince.

Needless to say that it is rare that I hear something that inspireing. The kind of poignant- pain- that- is -almost- joy -but- also- choas -stream -of -conciousness kind of inspireing. Truly amazing.

My mom also bought for me Lucinda Williams - 'world without tears' as an Easter presnet. I found it at an adorable little bookstore in adorable little Almonte. I love that town. Her voice on this paricular album is scratchy and achingly raw. Just enough twang as well. Love it.

Another band that I will be listening closely too is a band called THE STARS. This particular album is called 'Set yourself on Fire'. The title alone is enough to make you fall in love. But they seem to also be a rare breed of pure beauty. Lovin it.

Maybe I should stop all the listenign and start creating. Ya. There's an idea. (?!)

Anyhoo, thats it for tonight.
"we - we will still need a song. to carry our love away. To carry it away." -h.workman

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Maundy Thursday...

It is Thursday of Passion week.

I was thinking that I havent posted in awhile. So I thought I would write a quick entry - well- just cause.

I am actually inbetween shifts at work (the dreaded 'split-shift') and am hopeing to catch the late bus to Ottawa tonight. It seems like it's been so long since I've been home. I will be meeting my god-daughter for the first time which I am very exited about. Spending Easter with my family and friends at home will be a good thing for me right now. Yeeees it will.

Here are some of the random things rumbleing thourgh my head as of late: Paris, Catholics, cats, grant applications, Burkina Faso, Sinead O'connor, candles, icons, tea, my grandfathers, Newfoundland, Poppy...I thyink maybe I should stop there becasue I could probably go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on.
The mind is a crazy thing. it can think so many things at once.

I saw 'I heart Huckabees' recently and thought it was one of the most brilliant movies that I have seen in a long time. laughed very very very hard. i also saw a movie called 'The Lost Boys of Sudan' this week...it followed the lives of sudanese young men fleeing Sudan and living as refugees in The States...Texas of all places. Incredible movie. Alot to take in though. Made me feel like an ashamed North-American.

Must go now and pack.
Christ is Risen...He is risen indeed.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Sunday night Laundry

I hate it when I leave my laundry till Sunday night...at 11pm. Thats kindof sucks. On that note I must go and start my laundry and then recommence this blog....c u in 5....

so i just put my load of laundry in and i think i may have left it too late...oh well.

So tonight I had the oh so humiliating experience of bursting into tears while leading worship. No fun....no not at all. I don't think too many people would have noticed (at least I hope) but it was humiliating all the same. I had some very sweet people tell me after that it did them good to see someone cry in front of them...I have a funny feeling they were just trying to be nice - but I appreciated it all the same. I knew it would probably happen eventually as I am not someone who can easily stop it when it's trying to come....but I felt extra exposed and vulnerable tonight...not very comfortable. I think what God is trying to show me through the bizarre experience of worhsip - is that it is very rarely supposed to be or feel comfortable. Anywayz - I think maybe it was Todd speakign hebrew that started it....for some reason that always gets me. oh - One girl told me that she hears a "longing" in my voice and that it "really hit the spot". I liked that one alot. Music as food! Anyway - all in all a bit of an exhausting evening. But it's all good. what EV er.

On another note...I keep having these amazing conversations with Sharon Coward. When i talk to her it is very eerie - almost like I'm talkign to another version of me. Anywayz - our conversation tonight was a big old encouragement after what seemed to be a very long and lonely week....and we seem to be going through very similar life situaitons. That fact alone is very encourageing. It's so weird that we've met up again after so many years...so great!

This weekend I actually had Friday Saturday AND Sunday off - which is so wierd - but so good. I spent the weekend pretty much alone - other than having dinner with April and Having lunch with Lisa on Friday. April and Shelley went ot Ins and Mari's wedding on Saturday...so I had the day to myself....and it was good - i spent most of it in High park. At one point I think I can say I was actually lost. It was rather amusing. I was listened to Tom Petty which was really funny too as it's been so many years. Anyway it was good to be around trees...and just trees...and no billboards...and very few people.

It seems I have just talke alot of nothing tonight. Ah well. OH - Jen Shank and Lief are engaged...so happy for them. But it hit a little close to home tonight....part of me was a bit sad too. Wondering how liong I'll be "carrying the freakin torch" so to speak.

Must go. Over and Out

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Cadence was born!!!

This is a very very special evening. This entry is dedicated to a new addition to the human family...

A little girl has been born into the world. Her name is Cadence True Stone White. And I am a god mother for the first time. I am so happy. I got a message on my machine from Tim, her god father...who also sounds very happy.

When I got the call that Krissy was in Labor I decided to paint Cadence a picture...to represent her journey from the womb to the great wide open world. I do hope she likes it.

I am so thankful tonight....that this baby has been brought into the world. I have been expecting her...very impatiently. I remember so well the night I found out about her....we didnt know she was a girl at that time...but we kept calling her a she anyway. I have a feeling we will be friends

Krissy! You have a little girl!!!!

I really really wish I had been there. Anyway here is a poem dedicated to Cadence:

Tiny fingernails belong
to Cadence.
how we have waited for you,
littlest girl
to dance around with
to dress up in pink...and undies with ruffles.
Cadence - I see you in my minds eye
waiting and swimming around in the dark
with a sparkle in your eye.
knowing that soon
you would come out yelling your truth from your tiny lungs
for everyone to hear
and that you would be peace for people to hold.

thats all for tonight. Wonderful night.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Crazy dreams

This one was a wiiiiiiierd one.

The dream involved me, John Haggie (that really scary preacher), George Bush and Dick Cheney.
Apparently I was trying to convince Dick Cheney that Both George and John were basically working together and that they are very evil people...and then John started getting fatter and fatter right beofre my eyes..and all his clothes started ripping off becasue they became too small. And then I grabbed Dick Cheney to run out of John's Church, which is where we were..but we were kindof trapped and couldnt get out. It was very scary.

Hopefully it will be better times tonight.
sweet dreams.