Monday, February 14, 2005

my first blog....

Wow - I'm a blog virgin...why do I feel as if I'm doing something naughty??!!

I think maybe because it is highly likely that no-one but complete strangers will ever read this. Who's crazy idea was this anyhow? - to post thier journal for the world to see...and why are we drawn to read other peoples private thoughts,feelings...etc...wierd. and why have i decided to do this? boredom? ican';t even spell!. ah well...i think this will be freeing in a wierd way.

It's valentines day. i'm in Ottawa. Had a bath in ma and pa's cool crib. watched the Bachlorette (oh - the shame) and thats all i'll say about that.

it's just occured to me that I really have nothing to say right now. sad but thats not true. I have something to say...
I found out tonight that our english word for person, in latin actually means "through sound".

I found that interesting. Sometimes it's just about sound. SOmeitmes i feel like a hollow gong. like there is nothing that resounds in me. and sometomes i feel like there is so much noise inside of me i could go deaf. Iampersonlistentome.


over and out,

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