Tuesday, February 22, 2005

catching snowflakes


Walking out of work today I saw this little kid - probably around 11 or so. He was walking like a gangsta rapper and was clearly trying to be super cool and a lot older than his actual age...but at the same time that he was sporting this attitude he had his toungue sticking out to catch the super huge snowflakes that were falling. I laughed at him....a kid is still a kid. ...No matter how you slice it.

I had a bit of a revelation at the Armadillo today. I was like...wow - what the heck am I still doing here?? I hate my job! That was pretty much it. So I think I will quit soon. O happy day it will be when I leave the Armadillo never to return. makes me grin just thinking about it!

Met Blake for coffee after work...we went to Chapters and laughed at my new favorite book "He's just not that into you" written by this guy trying to clue in poor women attached to jerks. It makes me laugh so hard. Every woman should read it! I purchased Greg Pauls new book called "God in the Alley". Very exited to read it.

Now I must get groceries and to the task I've been dreading for over a month now...clean my room. Yikes. I wonder what I shall find.


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