Thursday, February 17, 2005

back in the T dot

Got back from Ottawa tonight and it was a good trip. Althought I think I may have eaten too much. That always happens when I go mom just keeps shoving food in my face...and we tend to go out and eat alot...i think part of the wierdness is that I go from hardly eating (at least not regularly - don't worrry - I eat) to being around food all the time. It's a strange thing.

it was good to see krissy mike and the boyz again...seems like it's been awhile...Krissy will be having another baby (girl) very very soon - she thinks she'll come out earlier than the due's pretty exiting - I'm gonna be a Godmother! Wow! thats amazing. I loved looking at the babystuff...who knew you could get socks so small.

back to the Armadillo tomorrow- o joy o bliss. How I loooove fajitas - NOT! I was thinking on the greyhound ride tonight about how so much of life can be drudgery. There was this girl sitting next to me on the bus in her first year of University - She was 19 and so exited about life, toronto, school...she was really cute, genuine, and bubbly. it was nice being next to her. But also a grim reminder of how far I feel from that. I literally felt like an old woman as she was talking to me about her was almost laughable. I was just thinkign to myself "how the hell did it come to this? When did I start to feel like this very old and out-of-touch lady?" Irealize that perhaps i just felt that way due to the fact that it's the February blahs...or i was tired...and yah yah yah I know I'm not really "old". But it was justt the look in her eyes...the 'spark' that she had (for lack of a better word)...that made me feel that way.

Anywayz it's all good. Truly. I really big dog greeted me at the door tonight. and that was startling but fun. I getto hunker down with Nelson Mandela's story when I hit the hay...and it is VERY exiting. so yay.

happy Thursday.

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